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Product Launch and a bunch of other exciting stuff…

There is a fairly large swing of emotion when undertaking a new (ad)venture, and managing that swing is sometimes a challenge in of itself, but I like to imagine that the reward is going to be worth the risk, and I remind myself of Grammy’s mantra (or one of her sayings anyway)…”Do all the right things and the right things will follow” and somehow even in the lower arc of those swings, keeping that positive mindset gives enough momentum to reach the upper arc of…the trick still sought is how to stop, or at least pause that swing in the upper arc for a reasonable duration.

Sunshine Coast Lavender hit a milestone marker this past week, as we saw our first real product launch…but we will come back to that exciting news in a moment, first let’s get caught up on a few of the other goings ons here at Segador Farms / Sunshine Coast Lavender.

On the Segador Farms front…all of our meat birds have now been processed and reside in the freezer. The task itself became a little easier with each bird, and Allyson and I found a cooperative rhythm that seemed to make the task fairly easy (I’m not going to say enjoyable quite yet so easy is as good as it gets), so much so that I’m thinking next year we will even try turkeys….that being said we have yet to indulge in one of these freezer treats, as Ally still needs a little time between processing and consumption to diminish the memories created.

Normally this is where a picture would be inserted, however the pictures I took are not for the faint of heart I decided in hindsight.

This fall weather, and more specifically the reduction in daylight, had a staggering impact on our flock’s egg production, and we were getting as few as 3 eggs a day some days – now we aren’t greedy, but with over 20 chickens supposed to be laying, this was a little ridiculous as these birds were basically becoming freeloading pets – and not the cute cuddly kind which might allow such recalcitrant behavior to be overlooked.

After a few internet searches we discovered that the addition of artificial light might correct this issue, and after a visit and some top notch work by our or good friend Jesse over at we are now up to a dozen (sometimes more) eggs a day…of course with the light coming on automatically at 4:30 am we now are blessed with an earlier morning song form Mr. Roo as well…sorry neighbors!

Just like in many things in life there is a balance between joy and sorrow, and this past month we also had to say goodbye to one of our oldest and most loyal friends…Old Man Mac.

Losing a loved one is never easy, regardless of species, and there was a lot of emotion in our house that day. In fact it’s still coming in waves weeks later…and every morning I still go through the same routine of scanning all mirrors in the car before backing out of the driveway, only to remind myself that the danger of bumping into my senile old canine companion is no more.

RIP old buddy – you had a great run!

On the Sunshine Coast Lavender side of things there has been lots going on as well, and as mentioned earlier we have officially launched our initial product line several months before we originally planned on doing so.

You can check out the full line up on our Facebook page by going to or searching @SunshineCoastLavender.

Although we have launched with an initial product offering, we are developing new products as we speak, and have a lot more “in store” for the spring so stay tuned!!

Earlier in the fall we had successfully applied for the LEAP program, which is a joint venture between Sunshine Coast Community Futures and Simon Fraser University – you can read more about the program here: , but I can also tell you that we have found the education both beneficial and inspiring – so much so that our product launch date was accelerated dramatically.

Allyson has been attending the LEAP classes for several weeks now, and will be presenting at the Winter Barn Raiser event and we would love to see you all there…

So far the product line has been well received, and demand seems to be outstripping supply – but we are working hard at keeping up, and will even be setting up shop at one Christmas craft fair this season.

Over in the wood shop, I’m turning out shaving brushes as fast as I can, and have even found time to start trying my hand at turning bowls.

Hopefully before the Christmas Craft fair I will be able to showcase some pretty impressive brush and scuttle packages and you can expect a blog entry fully dedicated to the art of wet shaving at that time (don’t worry I’ll explain what a scuttle is then)!!!!

All in all things are progressing as we have hoped, and although the stresses of starting and developing a new business are inevitable, the excitement and enthusiasm of new possibilities and progress are some of the “right things” that follow, and that ain’t bad at all!


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