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It's getting all Lilky up in here!!

One of the most difficult parts of this blog writing thing is coming up with snappy attention grabbing titles…and as such I have started and stopped this entry several times over the last week simply because I had no title. What a weird concept…it’s like not having kids because you don’t have a name picked (ok that might be an overly dramatic comparison, but you get the drift).

Another tuff part about authoring is formulating ideas worthy of documenting…coming up with something to write about…and so at times I will just start typing away – as I’m sure you have guessed is the case today.

It’s not that there is a lack of material usually. In fact this past month we have had several exciting happenings afoot that I’ve been excited about sharing, however it’s more of a challenge of organizing that excitement in such a manner that makes sense to the audience.

Have you ever felt like there was so much in your think space that none of it made sense, and if you were only able to drill a small hole in your forehead everything would come pouring out and you could then arrange and organize the jumble of thoughts, ideas, and memories properly?

No me neither – that would be weird.

I guess the best way to start this entry would be to just write of things that have happened, are happening, and are going to happen…and see where it leads from there.

August saw our first official sale of Sunshine Coast Lavender product with a pound of dried lavender buds going to a couple for use at their wedding. Of course it also showed Ally and I that we have some work to do in terms of becoming successful entrepreneurs…when the brides to be came to pick up their product we quickly dropped our previously agreed upon price without the customer even asking us to (in fact they were concerned we weren’t asking enough), and then we gave them some garden produce as a parting gift….it’s going to take us a while to get rich at this rate, but man did they look like a happy couple…and that made it all worthwhile!

We’ve also started to see the signs that our little herd may be ready for expansion, with a few changes in behavior exhibited by little Lucky (will save the details for a later entry), and just this morning some “flagging” started to take place amongst the ladies…I encourage you to google Goat Flagging if you’re curios. I guess it’s time for us to start playing a little Barry White down in the goat barn, and let nature start taking its course.

This past weekend I got to be a guest pit master and slow smoked a whole pig for a wedding. Darcy Perry of Lucky’s Smokehouse here in Sechelt invited me and the Crematorium (watch for September’s blog entry to meet that glorious piece of equipment) to assist in the catering of a wedding. I was little reluctant at first as BBQ’ing for someone’s wedding seemed like a lot of pressure and responsibility – it’s one thing to burn some meat for a few friends, but potentially devastating someone’s huge day seemed a little daunting. In the end I was able to talk myself into it, and man was I glad I did – as it turns out the groom was an old acquaintance from many many years ago; whom it was great to catch up with – Congratulations Galen and Melissa – I look forward to catching up with you even more, and turning an old acquaintance into a new friendship!

I also had some excellent assistance with the BBQ duties, which brings me to what I think is the most exciting happenings on the farm for this month!


I could probably dedicate an entire entry to that sentence above, but fearing sounding like a total Fanboy and scaring this troop away, I’m going to tone it down a little…just know I write the following with restraint!

Over the past 20 years I have kept in touch with a buddy from the good old gas station days. At first it was simply the occasional email, then a couple of back and forth blog posts (I’ll try and link to my earlier blog efforts if I can remember the web address sometime) then the odd Facebook post and message…but unfortunately given our relative geographic locations we never had the opportunity to keep in touch outside of the world wide web – coincidently it’s currently the internet’s 25th birthday I understand – at least not until last week, when they found their way to the farm and our two families collided in a combined reunion and introduction of greatness.

Jason (aka Lilk; aka Rowdy) and Shannon and their three awesome kids arrived from New York (via their cross country bi-national tour) and we enjoyed a week of catching up and telling of stories, and in the case of our spouses and children the meeting of new friends. It looks like the good times will continue to roll as we are crossing our fingers that they are going to lay down some roots and stay for awhile – of course Sechelt will do that to you in a heartbeat so I think our chances are pretty good.

I think the continuing story of their adventures is very cool, and not mine to tell, so I encourage you to do some creative google and facebook searching and see what the VonRowdy World Tour is all about!

Amidst the catching up we also took some time to sit in near silence, and utter awe, as we watched the broadcast of the Tragically Hip’s final performance. It was an iconic and emotional event. Witnessing such a powerful performance by what I would consider one of my all time favorite groups and artist flooded me with emotion both good and sad, and I was glad for such great company during the show!

I’m afraid I’m about to start slipping into random Hip lyrical references (Facebook is a flood with them) so I think here is a good place to pause for awhile.

Stay tuned as September has some more excitement in store, and I’m sure I will have further Lilkisms to share!


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