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Flying solo...

There hasn’t been a lot to Blog about these past few weeks, as it seems we are at the stage of watching plants grow…I’m not complaining mind you, as that is still a pretty fun and relaxing stage to be at.

Don’t get me wrong there has been plenty going on around our place, and there is always something to do. In fact we’ve already had a few “micro-harvests” and have already stripped and stored a bunch of dried Lavender buds for use during this winter’s product development.

The start of the month saw Allyson and the girls away for a week long camping trip with my sister and one sister in-law and all the kids…you would think us boys would have been able to coordinate a little guy time in their absence, but alas…that will have to come another time.

As this was going to be my first experience of manning the farm solo, I booked a few days of from the desk job just to be safe (although I still worked in the office a couple of those days, as the insurance world is also busy right now); and I think all in all things went really well.

I was a little nervous at doing some of the daily chores on my own, such as milking Momma Black (the goat for those of you new to our blog); and attending to some of the more hands on chicken duties; and by that I mean “putting my hands on a chicken” – again for you new to reading about our antics, you can refer back to some of the earlier Blog entries to learn about my minor Alektorophobia affliction.

Generally Ally and I have a fairly steady morning routine:

  1. Up between 6:00am and 7:00am depending on how loud Lucky is crying

  2. Allyson milks Momma Black and feeds Lucky his bottle

  3. Mike scoops chicken poop from the coop, and fills water buckets for all

  4. Allyson shovels out the nights deposit from the goat’s sleeping barn

  5. Mike sleepily watches chickens and talks to the goats

  6. Mike then lets the other goats out and puts Lorenzo in his yard

  7. Allyson looks over Mike’s previous jobs and takes care of anything missed

However with Ally and the kid’s away all the jobs fell to me…it’s funny how I just fit that in a quick 7 bullet point list, however was left with an entire page titled “Morning Chores” when Allyson left…anyway I digress…as daunting as I thought it was going to be, it went quite smooth, and you would be surprised at the relaxation you achieve with following a morning routine…even if that involves pulling teets.

As I say, all in all things went well…I successfully milked each morning, and handled the chickens like a pro…I even managed to overcome my debilitating fears, and was able to actually pick chickens up by hand to move them in and out of the broody breaker (that’s like a chicken jail for broody hens, but I will save that for another blog entry at a later date); and although I’m sure it would make for some entertaining reading, there was really no major incidents to report….I even managed to knock off a couple of the “Mike’s to-do list” items…but really only a couple.

I also learned that I have grown to really enjoy my morning routine with Ally (ya I know I’ve slept in about 65% of the time since you’ve been home, but I really do enjoy morning chores).

All you other parents out there can probably appreciate what I’m talking about for sure.

With three younger roommates, it can at times be difficult to engage in grown up one on one conversation, or even just sit silently together throughout the day…we used to have our evenings, but these days the offspring often stay up later than us, and even if they do drop early, by that time us grownups are too exhausted to notice we actually have some alone time…so yes morning chores has become that time for us.

I have to admit one of my most favorite times of the day is when I get to simply sit on a stump and talk to my darling wife while she milks the goat. Not only is it peaceful and relaxing, or an excellent way start to each day…it’s also just another one of the perks I have discovered about our new way of life.


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