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Once again I’m truly amazed at how fast time can fly by. Imagine my surprise when the farm boss instructed me to “get a new blog entry done” earlier this evening…of course I’m still posting it a day late but better late than never I guess…

As usual it’s been a busy time around here, but then again June has always been a busy month for us, even in those pre-farm days.

All three girls are playing softball this year, and wouldn’t you know it all three are in different age brackets…that has meant softball 5 nights a week for the better part of May and June, with the whole season building toward this weekend’s wind up tournament. Being involved as a coach and/or fill in coach with two teams this year (thank god for other parent volunteers that have helped out), this season was a little more challenging than previous; however I can’t think of a better way to spend the upcoming father’s day weekend than two whole days of hanging out at a ball field with my girls!!!

Of course it also wouldn’t be June without the year end carnival at the kid’s school. Over the years I had come to loathe “carnival”, with it’s all consuming nature in our house; and the interruption to the softball season (yes it’s only one night but that’s one night of missed softball dang it), but I have to admit that Allyson and all the other PAC mom’s that pull this event off each year are pretty impressive to watch in action, and I have now come to learn to accept; and dare I even say enjoy this spectacular event. As a side note; if we ever needed to organize a militia to protect the Sunshine Coast I know exactly who I would turn to, as their militant style of organization and troop (volunteer) management is a sight to behold like no other.

June also brought us yearend school concerts and yearend dance shows – both of which showcased some impressive talent. A good buddy (who will remain anonymous for his own protection) recently said “I hate watching kids performances…kids suck at stuff.” and normally I would agree with him, however I was happily surprised when I watched one of mine hit the drums at the school band concert like she had been playing her whole life; and then again when the other hip hopped her way across the stage at the yearend dance show…I guess rhythm and coordination skip a generation…

This was also a month of firsts for the family and the farm…on the farm side we saw our first batches of hand crafted soaps and goat milk cheeses (the chevre was perfect which is always exciting on a first attempt); our first broody hens; and our first little lavender harvest – on the family side of things we saw our first wipe out of the summer and learned that sometimes when the training wheels come off of a bike, teeth get knocked out…I’m sure that was a first she would have preferred to skip!

The family first was a little scary, but the farm firsts (other than broody hens) have been pretty exciting and inspiring…it’s very cool to see, smell, and taste products you create yourself, and it’s one of the best rewards for all the work that has gone into this (ad)venture thus far.

With the school year and organized sports / activities winding down over the next two weeks, you can expect to see a little more frequent blogging, and many more new pictures of our product research and development efforts; you might even get to see a few pictures of summer fun!!!


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