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Inspiration and Determination

Inspiration & determination; two keys to success??

I have to admit that I’m pretty fortunate in that I have a great number of people in my life that provide me with inspiration; and my fortune doesn’t simply lie with the number of inspiration sources, but in the diversity of their backgrounds.

The people that inspire me on a daily basis include a retired CEO; the owner of gold mine; the founder of a cosmetic clay company; the owner/operator of a towing company; the founder of a hydrographic surveying company; a teacher; the founder of a local gym; a crazy guy I know in the film industry; a farmer and her husband; a mother; a sister; and not the least of all a wife.

Some of these folks I have daily contact with; some I only get to talk to on social media from time to time; and some I’m fortunate enough to live with; and as diverse as they are in the descriptions or the labels I have given them, each one is so much more than simply that label, and not defined by that alone; however they also have one particular trait in common (or at least I believe they have).

A determination that has; or is; leading to success.

For some in my inspiration list I think their determination stems directly from the passion they have for what they do…they do what they love, and there for love what they do, regardless of the financial success; and therefore their success is defined not by financial wealth but by emotional wealth (or so is the impression I am left with).

For others in the list their determination is the result of their desire to attain financial success – I saw an internet meme the other day that said “They say money doesn’t buy happiness but it can buy a jetski…have you ever seen a sad person on a jetski” My point being that I believe both sources of determination are inspiring, and I’m not ashamed to admit….I like happiness, I like the idea of emotional wealth, but I also like the idea of nominal wealth…go figure.

So what the heck does this have to do with farming….?

Well in truth…to you the reader…probably not that much at all; but to me as the writer of this blog; and especially at this particular point of our “farming” career…it actually means a lot – and as will often be the case, I’m writing this today more for myself than for you.

At this stage our farm expenses drastically outweigh our farm income; which really only makes sense considering we have no farm income at present (right now my accountant is saying “I told you so”), and every spare minute is spent on farm chores. As a result it is quite easy to look at the blood sweat and tears expended and lose focus on the progress that they are providing – so it’s at these times I choose to look at my inspiration list, and remind myself that through determination; and in spite of their own forms of adversity; each one of those idols are getting closer to, or have already attained their wealth; regardless of the form that wealth takes.

At this point you may be wondering how me writing this today will help me retain my focus….the truth is I’m not even 100% sure; but what I do know is that this weekend while I’m shoveling 60 tons of recycled concrete by hand (which at present I have no idea how we are even going to pay for) I’m going to be looking for any source of inspiration I can find to keep moving forward; and my hope is I will re-read this and find the fuel I’m sure I will need.

In the meantime I will enjoy this random picture of a chicken on a goat (Mamma Black is so patient), and remember our little successes.

Our farm successes so far:

  1. Two liters (+/-) of fresh goat milk each and every morning

  2. As many as seven new eggs of varying size and color each day

  3. Four fields of lavender, all starting to bloom

These accomplishments might seem small; but they are ours – and that is huge!!

Thanks for following along this far and please stay tuned….we will have many more exciting things to add to the list above, and are looking forward to being able to share these with you as they are realized.


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