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It's official!!!

Well I guess the time has come to let the cat out of the bag; even though at this stage we are still in development, and don’t actually have any products to offer as of yet…all that aside it’s just too darn hard to hide what we are up to, or contain our excitement any longer.

And with that I would like to introduce to you:

That’s right – the Fawcus family and Segador Farms has officially started the first commercial lavender farm on the beautiful sunshine coast.

Our goal is to not only produce a variety of lavender plants for retail sale; but to combine the existing efforts of Segador Farms (goat milk as an example) and our lavender production; to create a variety of product lines including; health and beauty products; culinary products; and an assortment of other stuffs that just smell darn lavendery!

Although we would have preferred to make this announcement when we had a product line ready to launch; as I said earlier it just too hard to contain our excitement, and it’s really hard to hide almost 800 plants growing in 4 different fields on our property!

Over the next several months we will continue to develop not only our product line, but the web presence of Sunshine Coast Lavender; and although the focus of our website will slowly shift towards our new operations, we will continue to keep up the blog, and let you know what is happening here at Segador Farms.

In the meantime please feel free to pop over to the Sunshine Coast Lavender landing page of our website; and watch for the official launch of in the very near future!

Thanks for following us this far!


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