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Our first egg!

We have an egg!!!

I’ve been watching the calendar and trying to forecast when our December hatched chickens might start laying, and had been getting nervous that I hadn’t built their nesting boxes yet, so construction of the nesting boxes took place this weekend…besides I needed another project anyway.

Working in the driveway in May shouldn’t require sunscreen, but the burn on the back of my neck and shoulders says different – got to love this summer in spring weather!

In amidst our usual weekend farm chores we had a pretty good weekend; a double birthday dinner for Uncle Jon and Cousin Christopher at Nana and Poppa’s; the annual Hike for Hospice; kids running through the sprinkler; and oh yeah…the building of nesting boxes. It’s amazing what you can cram into a 48 hour period when you need to.

Photo credit for the Hospice sign to Uncle Bill!

As nest construction was underway Saturday afternoon, we heard a new type of hen noise coming from the animal yard…not quite the happy clucking we usually hear, but more of…hmmmm…labour noises perhaps.

Although we were sure an egg must have been delivered, a thorough search of the area came up empty handed, it turns out it was just pre-egg warning we were hearing.

This afternoon, after the Hospice hike, it was time to cut a hole in the side of the chicken barn, and install their new nests that were finished the day before...well mostly finished as I had to walk away and re-do the hinges this morning with a clear un-frustrated eye/head.

The install job proved to be a little tricky…the measurements were close…darn close, but a little reciprocating saw coaxing was needed to squeeze the unit into place...I guess the hinge alignment wasn't the only thing I rushed through yesterday.

We really need to start making sure we have a camera with us when we are working…a picture of Red the Goat climbing through a 12 inch by 12 inch nesting box to get out of the chicken barn would have been a good shot; that or a picture of both Moe and Ivy “roosting” on the chicken’s roost…either way we will work harder at getting pictures of these goofy events as they take place, because somethings are better seen in a picture than trying to describe with words...that and we will work harder at keeping the goats out of the hen house (sounds like there could be a song in there somewhere).

After the install was complete I walked into the goat barn to grab a little straw (or straw like hay that the goats are turning their noses up at) to use as nest bedding, and found a little gift one of the bantman cochin’s had left for us…and there we had our first egg…a dozen more and we could have a meal.

I guess she just couldn't wait until those dang nests were installed. Hopefully this doesn't mean we have to go on an egg hunt everyday...with luck the old golf ball in the nest box trick will inspire the others to lay were laying is done best...and that's not in the goat barn.

Here it is next to a small store bought egg for comparison.

As small as it might be, finding our first egg is a pretty freaking cool experience – true story!

Oh how did those pictures get in here…I’ll tell you more about those next time!


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