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More happenings are happening

Well we have more new happenings going on here at the farm!

Some of what we have been up to could be considered spur of the moment farm additions (ok pretty much everything we’ve done so far – especially with regards to the animals – has been leap then look) however this “new” venture has actually been in the works for over a year; perhaps even longer; and although we are still a ways away from when we should actually start spreading the word, taking a plan from the conceptual stage to the development stage is just too damn exciting to keep to ourselves.

I have to admit, we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping this plan under wraps, and have been fairly tight lipped up until this point, in fact I would say outside of our immediate family there is really only a tiny group of folks that is thus far in the know; of course that number grows slightly anytime people stop by for a visit, as it’s pretty hard to hide some of the changes taking place in the landscape around our place.

So why the secrecy?

This is a good question, without a simple (or single) answer I suppose.

Throughout the course of our lives together, Allyson and I have had a number of business ideas, without actually ever pulling the trigger on any…and I have a brief case full of business plans to prove it. Some of the ideas might have been a little whimsical; some might have been too ambitious to pull off in addition to our other daily commitments and careers; but some were really good…in fact so good that although we didn’t actually move forward on them, we’ve watched others with similar (or the same) idea as they put their plan in motion, and are still in business today. The one commonality between all of our past ideas; besides never making it off the cutting room floor; has been that we shared those ideas with others as we moved through the planning process…and then didn’t act.

This time we thought we would try something different; and keep things under wraps until the concept became a reality…not such an easy task I can assure you; especially as our own excitement grew towards this project.

I guess I still haven’t answered the question…why the secrecy? I told you the answer wasn’t simple; in fact maybe there really isn’t an answer…I think in part we didn’t want to jinx things; and perhaps part of us didn’t want to give anyone else any ideas; but I think a bigger part of the reason was that we were actually moving forward, and it just was something we were so excited about that we selfishly wanted to enjoy the excitement in private...even just for a while…who really knows.

So…have I hyped it up enough, or should I let the suspense build further?

I’m only kidding!

Of course I’m going to let build further….check back later to see what all the fuss is about!

In the mean time enjoy the quick animal update in the photos above...the new chickens have decided that the brooder just isn't good least they only roost on the gate, and don't wander to far...on the goat front, Moe is having an identity crisis and has decided roosting in the hen house is better than sleeping in the goat barn.


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