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And the changes continue

So last night we had the great goat exchange, and Tanaka and her little babe Piper went back to Elk House Farm in trade for Momma Black and the twins (the little buck twin will only be staying until he is weened as he is already spoken for elsewhere).

Why the trade?

Sometimes you quickly learn that an animal is not going to easily take to their new home, and sometimes it’s just best for all involved if you remedy the situation sooner than later.

Although we really liked Tanaka; with her awesome markings, and great motherly instincts; she was also very vocal…very…very…vocal; and as our property borders a more densely packed residential subdivision; in the spirit of staying good neighbours we thought it best to make a change.

I don’t want to paint a negative picture of Tanaka, as she really is a fantastic animal…just one that missed her original home.

So now we have Momma Black and the twins, so all is right….well almost anyway.

Although he didn’t seem to have much of an issue with the mighty Tanaka; Lorenzo is a little leery of the new heard members, and seems to think they pose some sort of threat…and instead of a vocal goat we now have a very vocal dog….a very…very…vocal dog.

Just as a side note; anyone that tells you farm life is relaxing has either been doing it so long that everything just works like it should; or they are freaking lying…but I’ll come back to that in a bit.

Last night, as it was Momma Black and the twin’s first night, they were housed separately in the plastic shed; unfortunately that meant that they shared a wall with Lorenzo’s sleeping area – a wall he could hear and smell through, but not see through; resulting in sporadic barking episodes, whenever someone in the adjacent stall stirred.

This lasted until about 1am; and at least 4 times of me dozing off and suddenly shooting awake – then it was Lorenzo’s lucky night…he moved to the comfort of the garage, with all of its wonders and curiosities to explore…and we all got sleep (eventually).

As of now, Lorenzo the fierce is once again attached to his run; with his heard at a safe distance in the adjacent paddock. HE’s not thrilled, and is sure to bark whenever Momma Black comes too near one of “his” goats; but we are confident that everyone will find their groove, and peace and order will resume.

Now back to that notion of farm life being relaxing…

I can certainly see how it could be…one day…and I certainly saw the appeal before we embarked down this exploratory way of life, however I sense I will occasionally need to remind myself of that. If anyone tells you it is relaxing right out of the gate; there is a good chance you previously wronged them somewhere along the way, and this is there way of exacting revenge…in any event if you think it’s going to be all Mayberry, or HeeHaw without having to first pay your dues…runaway; run as fast and as far as your feet will carry you.

Barking dogs; screaming goats; crowing roosters; looming planting deadlines (that’s another hint of our future plans by the way); a growing chore list, and shrinking time frame are anything but relaxing…in fact they can be downright stressfull.

The idea of peacefully raking a garden on a clear spring evening; or sitting on the deck with a cocktail while watching kids (goat and human) frolic in the field, while the chickens quaintly peck the yard, all sucked me into this adventure; and I’m sure those things will happen one day, however for now when the stresses of “getting there” feel like they are overtaking the thrill of the goal; I will just watch the twins violently head butt Momma Black’s teets in an effort to get a meal, and take solace in the fact that as rough as it seems at times…no one is head butting my teets.

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