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Vacations and new additions

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last blog entry… As usual we have been pretty busy around here, but last week we also worked hard at not being busy – we even took a small vacation!!

So what have we done since the last entry…

After our chicken run building work party we had the opportunity to reciprocate, and joined the crew in roofing James and Erika’s shed – one of our friends likened the rotating work parties to being Amish; and although the amount of beer consumed at each “project” probably disqualifies that notion, I do have to say that sharing in the completion of projects; as the Amish apparently do; is pretty damn rewarding. It’s sure a neat feeling seeing folks come together to accomplish tasks; and it makes the burden of chores that much lighter when you can enjoy the company of friends along the way – I hope to see the work party brigade continue on for a long time to come.

Around our place we’ve been working hard in preparation for some upcoming changes and additions that have been in the works for a while now, with the preparation including the delivery of 8 truckloads of fill/dirt (Thanks Doug at D. Kennedy Trucking; for the deliveries and Corona Construction for supplying the material)…just what are our plans that include all this dirt you ask? Well you will have to keep following the website and blog over the next couple of months to find out, as I will drop a few hints here or there (like this picture of field # 1 of 4).

On the livestock front, those of you that also follow us personally on Facebook will have already virtually met our 3 new arrivals from our friends at Elk House Farm; Tanaka the Nubian Goat, and her offspring; “Lucky” the buck; and the as of yet to be named doe.

Tanaka gave birth while we were away in Banff; but luckily Dave and Eliza at Elk House Farm had generously agreed to keep her until we got home, and she was in good hands for the delivery. We wish we could have been there, to see the spectacle of the birth in person, but Eliza did a great job of keeping us posted the entire time.

Lucky was born second, and ended up being a bit of a problematic delivery that required human assistance – and in the end his momma decided to reject the little guy. As a result Lucky spent his first few days inside at Dave and Eliza’s, living the good life of bottle feeding, and junior farmer loves and affections…all of which he now continues to enjoy at our house.

Tanaka and the little no named doe stayed at Elk House Farm until last night, and Allyson had daily milking lessons from Eliza to ensure she was comfortable before they came to our place. This morning saw Ally’s first solo milking effort, and in spite of the crazy rain; the curiosity of our original 3 goats, and the mighty Lorenzo; she did a fantastic job! So good in fact that I will likely never have to learn to milk a goat ;-)

Before we left on our trip (you can see a few teaser photos below) we took possession of another new structure...a small plastic shed that will become an interim house / nursery for Tanaka and babes, as well as a secure milking station - eventually this will be a hay storage building, but as is the case with most things farm related, it will serve multiple purposes along the way. Once again I can't say enough about the generosity of friends, as had it not been for Matt at Day & Nite Towing and his flat deck, this new building would never have made it here in one piece!

As I sit here in the den writing this evening; recapping what has transpired; I find myself growing even more excited for what is still to come – the weather is warming, the days are getting longer; and spirits are lifting from the doldrums of what seemed like a long grey winter, and hopefully all this will inspire me to write more frequently!

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