• Mike Fawcus

The wonder of greener pastures and progress...

It’s amazing how you can essentially blink and a week, sometimes weeks go by; at least in this case it signifies that we have accomplished a few things and been able to cross many of the “to-do’s” off of the white board….I really should have taken a picture of the white board a month ago, as it would have been good to document for prosperity.

Since my last entry, we seem to have come a long ways in task completion. We have a new paddock in place so we can start paddock rotation with the ruminants;

we have laid the conduit in preparation for power to the barns; the chicken enclosure/run is up and in use;

the barns are mostly painted; and the compost has been moved to the vegetable garden and is ready for spreading and planting

– of course the only reason we were able to accomplish all of this in such a short window of time, has been with the generous help of friends.

Be it lending us equipment like Aaron did with his excavator, that allowed me to make short work of digging in the conduit for the power to the barns; or sacrificing an entire Saturday like Shaun, James, Greg, JJ and Daryl all did, to help us get an awesome enclosure/run built for the chickens; or spending a day tractoring compost from the pile to the garden like Dad did yesterday…each and every bit of assistance we have received is so appreciated its hard to find the words that are adequate – we just hope that we are able to reciprocate at some point in the future.

I can’t say enough about the help we received in building the chicken run. What would have surely taken me an entire weekend...more likely a couple of them…was accomplished in just one day; and the finished product was nothing short of perfect.

Although I felt a little useless on build day, given the expertise in attendance; I did still get to impart my own design and fabrication elements; as minor as they were; with the installation of a pully system on the chicken door,

and a latch pull on the man door of the run…

of course the latter wasn’t a known requirement until a closed the door behind myself, and realized there was no way to release the latch once locked inside….all part of the adventure, and the learning curve.


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