• Mike Fawcus

A very productive weekend

Nothing like having a long weekend, and the motivation of smelly chickens to get a bunch of “to do’s” done. The chickens get to move to their new home tomorrow morning.

Although it still feels like we are miles from where we would like this farm to be, it’s sure a cool feeling to see how far we have already come, and how much we have learned to date.

This weekend we successfully re-purposed the goat barn into the new chicken coop – not bad considering we had originally re-purposed the building from and old shed into the goat barn only six months ago. Now the goats have a swanky new bunk house, and the chickens get to move out of their brooder box, to what is sure to feel like the Taj mahal to their birdy little brains.

Although we accomplished a lot this weekend, I have to admit I do feel bad, as this long weekend’s holiday was “Family Day”, and I’m sure if you asked the junior Segador Farmers, it didn’t seem like much of a holiday. Such is life when you are working towards something bigger, and I’m confident that they will soon come to understand this theory especially as we show them that hard work earns larger reward…and we do have some fun larger rewards scheduled for the next few months…there is just a few more jobs that need to be completed before we can get there.


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