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Growing, Stinking and Moving

It’s amazing what we learning as we venture further into our farm experience; for instance it’s amazing how fast chickens grow…and even more amazing how awful they can smell when you are raising them in your basement.

It’s now been 2 weeks since the first egg pipped, and already our little brood has outgrown the aquarium brooder house in the basement…thank god, as it meant we had to move them out to larger housing in the garage, and our basement could go back to smelling like…well I guess like pre-teen girls, and surprisingly that’s better than chickens.

During one of Allyson’s pallet scavenging excursions, she found a well-built pallet with a solid plywood top, which made for a perfect brooder base. A quick trip to the building supply, and a ½ price sheet of plywood ($13) later I had everything I needed to kill a Sunday afternoon on a little construction project; and the new brooder house was completed.

We didn’t move the birds in right away, as the garage is a fair bit colder than the basement, and we wanted to add a second heat lamp; however this evening they were relocated, and all seem happy so far.

Next on the “Farm To Do List” (at least according to the all mighty white board in the office) is to finish gathering supplies to build a new shelter for the goats in preparation to move them out of the existing Goat House so it can become the new Chicken Shack –it seems unfair to kick them out of their fancy digs for the birds; however I’m sure their new pallet castle will suit them fine – and the chickens will be much safer in the enclosed barn.

In other news….there may be more goats in our future…but that will be a blog for another time.


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