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A Force Awakens?

I’m always amazed when I sit down to update the blog and realize how much info can pile up in such a relatively short period. Today’s update will include Christmas; new chicks; a little consensual dog on goat love (yes I said consensual); and even a movie review…maybe not all in that order…

I am happy to report that the entire Fawcus clan has survived the Christmas Season…yes technically one could say the season isn’t complete until after New Year’s Eve; however considering that we made it through the Christmas portion without major incident or meltdown; I say let’s celebrate an early victory – it’s not everyday you can gather that many people under one roof, add the holiday stresses and excitements; float a little booze on top; and expect to come out the other side as cleanly as our mob has…but we did…so celebrate we should!

Although I think Thanksgiving is my favorite seasonal holiday with this bunch, I would concede Christmas as a close second. It’s a pretty a cool time of year for our gang, especially now with so many little ones, as their excitement and wonderment is somewhat energizing.

This year marked the first year in as many as I can remember, that none of us undertook the trek to the lower mainland over the holiday, and so of course I decided that we should head to Vancouver on the 27th for a family viewing of the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” turns out the 27th is an even busier day for BC Ferries that the 25th or 26th… but we managed it with great success, and no missed sailings…although I would say the movie itself was a little lack luster – at least it didn’t seem to live up to the hype, and was basically a re-write of the original Star Wars…that being said; it was well worth the day!

Allyson and Abby opted to skip the Vancouver / Movie adventure, and chose to stay home and make turkey soup and stay on chicken hatching watch; and sure enough while at the movie I received the photo text shown above…our first little chick hatched; followed moments later by a second.

Today; a day later; I sit in the home office typing this, listening to the chirp of 15 of the new arrivals – it’s amazing how fast they start arriving once that first one clears the breach.

They will have to remain in the incubator until the remaining eggs bust free, as the incubator is still in lockdown; however once it’s safe to do so we will move them onto the brooder in the basement. Jack the dog will be pleased as the chirping coming from the “within reach” incubator seems to be just too tempting and he barks and whimpers at the door to the office whenever everyone crowds around to peek through the window of their temporary home.

Amidst the excitement of Santa, Han Solo, and new chicks, it seems that out in the paddock we have a little excitement as well – it seems Moe has perhaps slipped into her first heat, and is feeling a little randy. Not having any boy goats to scratch that particular itch for her, she seems to have somehow seduced Lorenzo with her slutty goat ways…so much so that Nana Wendy spotted the trist from her kitchen window, and quickly phone us to intervene.

At first I thought perhaps it was Lorenzo that had discovered this new stage of life, and was committing interspecies sexual assault, but it quickly became evident who the perpetrator was, when after Lorenzo was tied up to his run, Moe continued her seduction…thank god this should only last the day!

It’s a little soon to breed her, so this heat will simply have to pass unfulfilled – especially seeing as we don’t want any goat/dog off spring….wait…if we did successfully breed a goat and a dog would we create…never mind….

Ahhhh…life on the farm… I get the feeling it will never be dull again.

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