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And so we try again

After starting with 13 “viable” eggs and a long 24 days in the incubator, we almost ended up with 1 chicken….unfortunately the egg stopped wiggling on day 24 and try as he must have, this little guy just couldn’t bust out of his shell. We refer to this little gaffer in the male sense, as we really didn’t want to end up with lone Roo, and it helps ease our loss to tell ourselves this is what he would have been….

And so armed with a full incubator and a ton of optimism we will try again; unfortunately these likely won’t hatch in time to be Christmas miracles, however if all goes will they will be here to help us ring in the new year.

In other farm news we had a great meeting this week with Ione Smith from Upland Consulting (, to discuss some of our other “farm strategies and plans” (info to be released in a future blog) and not only came away from said meeting with some helpful information, but also with the sense that we are in fact on the right track.

I would recommend to anyone interest in embarking down a similar agricultural path, that a call to Upland Consulting (or an agricultural or farming consultant in your area) is a helpful resource that should not be overlooked.

The only negative to come out of or consultation was the re-affirmation of my fear…It looks like I will have to keep my day job (at least for now)…in fact many successful farm operators are in the same boat, and work a “day job” to maintain the financial balance they require as a family…I said this was a negative; however I think I’m going to look at this differently – I’m going to choose to look at this as a mission…a target…a challenge….how do we turn our little farm into an operation that allows me to give up the day job?

Challenge accepted!


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