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Patience, Disappointment, and the Generosity of Others

I’m sure if I go back and read some of my earlier entries I’ve already talked on some of the issues listed in this entry’s heading; but as that would involve opening another program, and possibly having to come up with a new blog idea for today; I will brazenly run the risk of repetition – also I really want to write about these things today.

I know I haven’t posted an update on the eggs since we placed them in the incubator; and I guess that’s the patience portion of today’s musings – after all at this stage they are simply still just eggs – well at least 11 of the 13 seem to be which takes us to disappointment; and ultimately the generosity of others.

One of the things we have learned (and I say we quite liberally considering Allyson has really spear headed the great chicken movement of Segador Farms, and is taking on most if not all of the related chicken duty thus far) is that progress can and must be monitored, and that sometimes an egg is just an egg, and sometimes (apparently in this case if you are lucky) that egg rapidly becomes a growing living thing.

After initially candling the eggs; and not really have a clue what we were doing and only a vague clue of what to look for; we decided to call in some backup expert egg candlers – our friends from Elk House Farm; and unfortunately our fears were confirmed…we are currently incubating multiple water eggs; a couple that didn’t make it into the development phase; and two possibly viable developers (although one now looks to have stalled). It’s tuff to be patient, only to end up disappointed…but such is the way of farming we are learning…sometimes nature has different plans…and that’s when; if you are as lucky as we are; you get to experience the generosity of others and the true sense of community.

Not only have our friends and Elk House Farm been a fantastic resource in our learning thus far; they have also exemplified what community is all about, lending us their incubator and egg turner, helping us translate and decipher what we saw during candling; and now…after learning that we were not getting a successful hatch and having a tough time finding replacement eggs (another lesson learned…there is good and bad times of year to try and start a flock…who knew); now they have not only helped source some replacement eggs, but are also giving us some from their own stock.

If you thought growing and producing your own food source was a satisfying outcome of farming; you would be truly amazed at the feeling you get from experiencing the notion of community in its truest sense…hopefully it isn’t long before we can reciprocate that same notion forward to others, as I’m sure that feeling in itself will be all the greater!


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