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The negativity of today

It hasn’t been my intention to turn this blog into a pulpit for introspection; observation; or the holistic healing of mankind; however every now and then I just have the urge to type, and no real farm related anecdotes to share, so I will ask that you bare with me on these rare occasions…read on if you like; or close this window and wait for the next purely farm related entry… the choice is yours.

I’m constantly surprised (although I don’t know why it is still surprising) that there seems to be a need in today’s society to jump to negativity, and the discouragement of others; more so than a natural reaction to support or positively encourage each other – Hell I even fall into that knee jerk pessimism from time to time (ok probably more often than not) rather than simply providing blind positive encouragement…

Our Farm adventure is a perfect example…in fact if you are reading this today you are one of the very select few that we have told our plans to; and one of the even fewer that actually know about this little website of ours, for the simple reason that we (really I) don’t want to hear about the flaws in our plan; or about the inevitable perils we will face; or frankly any of the negative opinions some would most certainly feel the need to give – at least not yet, and so at this stage it’s simply easier to keep quiet for the most part, and secretly put our plan into motion without the input of the masses. I'm just thankful that we have a great family support network that provides a balanced blend of support and caution that allows us to work work through this process...even if I don't always outwardly show my appreciation for that balance .

Here’s an example of the outside "negativity" I'm referring to…

Just today, in a moment of comfortable conversation, and openness, I mentioned just a brief portion of our plan to a good friend…not even in a “this is what we are doing” kind of way…more of a vague “this is what I would like to someday do” kind of way…and I got the dreaded eye roll; the “sure whatever” or the “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” kind of eye roll that just makes you realize you are about to hear all that’s wrong with your plan, so you simply and quickly change the subject.

It’s hard to say why this individual didn’t jump up with enthusiasm and pat me on the back; or why they didn’t become enthralled with the idea and send a barrage of questions in curious wonderment; just as it’s difficult to say why they chose to give a hum drum roll of the eyes, a subtle gesture of negativity or discouragement.

Maybe this individual was thinking “Ya…ok here’s another in the long list of Mike’s big ideas that won’t ever get off the ground”; or maybe they thought the idea of trying to earn a living farming in today’s economic climate is a fools journey; or maybe they were simply envious that they didn’t come up with the idea themselves, and as such felt the need to dishearten or admonish the person that thought of it first ….who knows…maybe…just maybe they thought it was a terrific idea, but an idea so full of risk that they couldn’t outwardly endorse such a concept for fear of encouraging something that could ultimately fail…

Whatever the reason, I have started to notice the impact such negativity; subtle or not; has on my own self confidence when it comes to ideas; whims; dreams; or schemes, and it made me realize what impact my own negativity must have on those around me…namely my kids, and as such I’m going to make a conscious effort to improve.

Now don’t fret…I’m not saying I’m going to become a touchy feely - good vibes to all people all the time – Namaste – peace be to you - kind of person…not that there is anything wrong with that kind of person…it’s just not me. But what I am going to strive to become is a more open minded and supportive listener. I’m going to practice positive encouragement whenever possible, opposed to automatically searching out the flaws an fissures of the ideas of others…I’m going to assume when someone shares an idea with me, it is because at that particular time they need the enthusiastic pat on the back, and that they themselves have (or will have) their own moments of doubt and negative deterrence, and that at this particular time they are looking for that positive push forward to help them move toward their goal.

I wonder how many good, or even great ideas have died at or before the conception stage, simply because the conceptualizer didn’t get the positive push they needed at that particular time?

I wonder how many good, or even great ideas will flourish through the impressionable minds of my little Fawclettes if I choose to encourage their ideas as much as I point out the dangers or perils of their plans?

I think it’s a good question, and one I want to explore.

Oh – and why the picture of the rainbow you might ask….well no reason other than it was a great shot my lovely wife got from our deck the other day; and one that I thought was fitting for this entry.

Peace be to you all! (LOL just kidding, but have a great day anyway!)



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