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Then there were eggs...

Some days it can seem like we are more research and planning than action; and in these early stages that only makes sense. Every spare moment these days we are reading, watching youtube videos, reading, talking to active farmers, reading, planning and sketching….and oh yeah reading – and as necessary as all the research certainly is to ensure we are doing things right, sometimes it can start to feel as though there is no actual activity at the end of the research tunnel – that is until you get your first eggs.

Of course in this sense I don’t mean the first eggs that your chickens lay; a proud day for all that will be for sure; but the eggs that will become the chickens that will produce those pride inducing orbs...ovals...eggs (maybe I need a thesaurus if I want my writing to be a little more captivating).

It’s hard to accurately describe the excitement that enveloped our house these last couple of weeks, as the anticipation of our eggs arriving in the mail grew, however I’m sure that excitement is nothing compared to what we will see over the next 21 days as we crowd around the incubator in curios awe.

(yes it was tempting to write eggsitement but I’m planning on years of farm puns so there is plenty of time)

One of the things I have been most excited about is seeing how each of these steps draws our kids closer to sharing in our vision and plans, and how even for the brief moment of placing the eggs in the incubator everyone gets along and participates…well participates anyway (yes there was a brief disgruntled 4 year old who was miffed because her sister got to put the first egg in the machine) but for the most part they seem to get along when they get to be involved in the fun aspects of this new lifestyle….hmmmm maybe the reading and research isn’t the only thing providing us a little insight and education.


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