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Keep calm and...

Keep calm and farm on…

This is definitely something I need to learn; and hope I learn soon.

Have you ever felt that you are being pulled in too many directions, by too many forces, and that every little bump in the road, or hiccup in the plan seems so monumental, that at any given time you could just throw your hands up in the air and give up….

No me neither.

Ok – that’s a lie….in fact that is exactly how life feels these days.

At the moment we are trying to work with contractors and the city in an attempt to move our property lines a little (it turns out it’s not as easy as just moving a line on a map, although I still think it should be); we are trying to import some of our planting stock from the USA; and we are waiting for our delivery of hatching eggs to start our chickens…and those are just the action items that have hit speed bumps in our “farming” undertaking…then there is real life, which still consist of jobs, kids, volunteer activities, sports, family, chores, and maybe just maybe if we can find the time…some leisure activities.

I know…I know…these are all “first world problems” at best – and all in all life is actually really good, however so far this morning a lot line contractor finally got back to me to say they can’t do our job, and the hatching eggs seem to have been delayed…again…and on top of some of the issues I’m facing at my “day job” it all just seemed to create a need to scream…and then I saw it…one of those “Keep Calm and…” t-shirts innocently walking by the office, and I realized it wasn’t time to scream…it was time to blog.

Although our starting the farm pursuit has in no way been a conscious exercise in stress reduction; at least that wasn’t the intended purpose; I have suddenly realized that this thought will be the light at the end of the tunnel, or the added bonus we shall receive as we delve further down this little rabbit hole. In fact, although some of our “speed bumps” are frustrating now…I have just realized that it is the thought of the end result that keeps pushing me forward, and although those speed bumps create an immediate tightness in my chest, the thought of the end result quickly chases the frustration symptoms away, and all I have to remind myself is…

Keep calm and farm on…

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