• Mike Fawcus

Challenges of Change

Challenges of Change sure sounds like poignant heading, and in fact could be the heading for a vast number of blog entries I’m sure…in this case it’s just about a dog.

Earlier this month (It’s been a while since I updated the blog I know) we had a new addition to our little Farm Family – Lorenzo the Maremma Sheep Dog (also good with goats), and with his arrival we again start to realize that we are used to these animals being pets and/or part of the family; opposed to simply anything else.

The main purpose of having Lorenzo join the team, was to employ him as our Livestock guardian; and as protection for the goats and eventually the chickens from predators such as coyotes and bears that may come calling in the night – of course this means Lorenzo lives with those he intends to protect…not in the house with us.

This concept sounded great in principle; and made a ton of sense logistically…right up until that big old (well actually he’s only 3 months old) fluff ball arrived...

As a dog loving family, it has sure been a challenge to adapt our thinking, and not have him join us inside to play; however I think that challenge is mostly ours, as he seems quite content in his role and his surroundings – and even if we wanted to relax the rules a little (against the stern warnings and instructions from the breeder) Lorenzo it seems would rather not leave his herd – so I guess all is working out as it should.

This continues to be a learning experience; as I’m sure it always will be; and this particular lesson of adapting our pre-conceived, and narrowly focused ideas, on animal still has a few things to teach us, but Lorenzo sure makes learning fun!


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